Starter Bundle

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Relax, Repair, Reload Bundle


Sample starter bundle: Get the most out of your CBD experience. Get full coverage with all three formulas. Broad-spectrum CBD contains terpenes, essential oils, and other minor cannabinoids from the hemp plant and is a natural product consumed to improve general health. These unique CBD formulas are a mix of cannabinoids and are rich in terpenes commonly found in the hemp plant. The terpenes have been selected for specific physiological effects on the body and mind. 


  • Pure Hemp Distillate | Broad Spectrum
  • 360 mg CBD
  • 78% CBD + Minor Cannabinoids = 80% Total Cannabinoids
  • 0.5ml CCELL Cartridge
  • 300 Doses
  • Natural Hemp Terpenes
  • Vegan Friendly
  • No Fillers or Diluents such as PG, VG, or MCT oil

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