Kanabo develops THC extract formulas for CNS disorders, and non-THC extract formulas for the growing CBD market.


Our patent-pending, proprietary formulas combine consistent active ingredients, high precision, and clinical validation to provide a safe, accurate, and high-quality product for superior efficacy

Most CBD-rich products in the market today include 1-20% CBD, while Kanabo’s OTC formulas include a broad spectrum of Cannabis extract with more than 70% of cannabinoids due to patent pending compositions. The formulas are made with a proprietary, patent-pending carrier solution that replaces the traditional electronic cigarette liquids like PG/VG and MCT extract diluents that dominate the market, and are suspected to release toxic materials when heated to the higher temperatures required for cannabis extract (unlike e-liquid based products). Kanabo’s proprietary neutral diluent allows for little to no irritation, high potency, and consistent

dosing through the lifespan of the medical trials.


In the digital era we live in, distractions have become a huge epidemic. We check our phones every 12 minutes on average, living in constant “FOMO”. Undoubtedly, we have lost our ability to be in the present. Distractibility and hyperactivity can be calmed by increasing concentration – improving our well being, allowing us to live a better, healthier life.



As our fast-paced world becomes increasingly hectic, making more and more demands on our time, angst and restlessness are becoming many people’s constant companions, interfering with job performance, study and relationships. Since we don’t always have the luxury of putting on the breaks, we need to find another way to bring some serenity to our daily lives.



Anyone who has ever experienced physical discomfort knows that it can cause severe pain, seriously impacting our quality of life and well-being. It can limit mobility, interfere with sleep and leave us unable to work at full capacity. By soothing the body we can revive the spirit and get back to functioning at one hundred percent.