Frequently Asked Questions

Kanabo+ CBD oils come in preloaded, sealed pods. 

To insert them into the VapePod+ simply drop the metal end into the top of the device and let the inbuilt magnet click the pod into place. The coloured end should protrude from the top. 

The VapePod+ is an automatic device, which activates when inhalation begins. Haptic feedback vibrations are used to signal the dose being delivered, stopping once complete. 

Please note, Kanabo CBD oils are only compatible with the Kanabo+ VapePod+ device. This is to ensure user safety, guarantee the right dosage, and deliver the highest-quality experience.

Everyone will have a slightly different response to Kanabo+ CBD, and so how it fits into your wellness routine will be up to you. When anticipating specific situations that may sway your focus, or cause discomfort, an inhalation of Kanabo CBD may help you manage.

We do, however, recommend 3-5 inhalations up to three times a day to maximise the effect of the oil while not exceeding 30 inhalations in a 24-hour period. We advise a short breath of fresh air between inhalations to reduce the harshness of a throat hit, and maximise your enjoyment of Kanabo CBD formulas, keeping you on track to push through the day.

Our oils are carefully crafted to promote increased calm and relaxation, helping you to maximise your me-time and your wellness routines. Whatever they look like. 

Our formulas are strictly THC-free, helping you experience the pleasure of tranquillity without any disorientating side effects. 

Yes. Inhaling Kanabo+ CBD is safe. We use 100% organic ingredients and are EU-GMP approved for legal usage in the UK. 

We administer CBD through inhalation to maximise bioavailability (absorption efficiency) and ensure safety. 

Vapourised CBD removes the need for intense additives and flavourings, allowing you to experience CBD in its safest, purest form. 

And because it’s taken in through the lungs, via the alveoli, CBD absorbs directly into the bloodstream, meaning up to 75% of active ingredients can be absorbed into the body, with market-leading onset times of five to ten minutes. 

Kanabo+ is suitable for anyone aged 18+ looking to boost their wellness routine and ease the hustle and bustle of their everyday. 


Our formulas are backed by 10+ years of R&D, meet the highest standards, use all natural ingredients, and offer the purest CBD experience anywhere, meaning you get fast-acting, and discreet support that’s rigorously tested, and government approved.