Everything you need to know about CBD vaporisation

Confused about vaping? Kanabo break down the science and explain the health benefits

Kanabo's Experts break down the confusing terminology of vaping CBD and explain everything we need to know.

From e-cigarettes to vaping, vaporisation is a term with many aliases. It’s no wonder some people find it confusing

For some, it’s a hobby. For others, it’s a way to cut back on smoking cigarettes, and for many, it’s the only way to get a fix of CBD, fast.

Kanabo, is behind the first-ever medical grade vaporiser. So, we asked their experts to tell us everything we need to know about CBD and vaporisation.

First, what is vaporisation?

When you inhale from a vaporiser, the liquid in the cartridge is converted into vapour at a high temperature. This is the process of vaporisation. In standard e-cigarettes, this happens via a wick and atomizer set-up, however, Kanabo uses next-generation technology to guarantee a more consistent flow and temperature.

Compared to the many other ways of taking CBD, vaporisation is extremely effective at delivering CBD to the pulmonary tract, providing precise dosing and rapid onset so that it can serve the Endocannabinoid system quickly.

Isn’t vaporisation the same as smoking?

This is a very common misconception. The short answer is no.

While the action of raising a device to the mouth mimics the same action smokers will be used to, vaping is much safer and less harmful to your health. How? Firstly, vaporisation doesn’t require combustion. The particles in the liquid are heated at a much lower temperature.

The result is a clean, carcinogen-free experience.

Add to that the lack of nicotine and tobacco used in CBD vaporisation and this delivery method really stands out compared to smoking and using regular e-cigarettes. Not only does this provide for a better CBD experience, but it also removes the possibility of addiction.

This makes vaporisation attractive to those who are embarking on a smoke-free journey who also want to experience the benefits that CBD has to offer.

In the UK, vaporisation has been endorsed by Public Health England since 2015. That year, in a landmark review, the government body backed vaping publicly, saying it was ‘around 95 per cent less harmful than tobacco’.

What happens in the body when you vape CBD?

To explain the process fully, let’s take the Kanabo VapePod device as an example.

When you inhale from the VapePod, the CBD and terpene-rich oil held in the cartridge is converted into vapour. This happens at a lower, safer temperature compared to your average e-cigarette.

From the mouth, it travels to the throat and down into the lungs where it is dispersed into the bloodstream via the pulmonary tract. From here, CBD interacts with the Endocannabinoid system. This action happens in seconds, with the active ingredients getting to work in minutes.

If you think of it in terms of your own body, with every inhale, your body is receiving vaporised cannabinoids.

Compared to taking oil drops under the tongue or using CBD capsules, this method avoids the body’s natural processes of breaking substances down, which often damages some of the active ingredients.

Instead of letting this happen, vaporisation bypasses these processes providing a quicker delivery of CBD when you need it most.

This is a precise, science-based, no-nonsense approach to getting a metered amount of CBD, and feeling the difference fast. So much so, it is estimated that up to 75 per cent of the active ingredients in the product are absorbed and effective in the body.

Kanabo: A vape lying on a magazine with a cup of coffee nearby

How do you use a vaporiser with CBD?

Let’s stick with the VapePod device from Kanabo for this example as it is the easiest, no-nonsense approach to this scenario.

First of all, you will need a device and a compatible cartridge. Thankfully, Kanabo has produced three carts – Reload, Repair and Relax – each measuring 0.5ml of fluid.

Once you have chosen the cartridge that best suits your mood and how you’re feeling, you will simply need to draw from the device. There are no confusing settings to play with, no buttons that need to be pressed, it really couldn’t be simpler.
To let you know that it’s working, the device will gently vibrate when you begin the draw from it. Then, as you inhale, it will cut out after 1.5 seconds, providing a perfectly measured dose of 1mg CBD every time.

The VapePod device can measure and deliver more than 300 doses with each cartridge lasting around six to eight weeks! When you’re not using your new vaporiser, it can be discreetly stored in a pocket or purse. It charges wirelessly too, taking the chore out of charging.

How do I know if vaping CBD is right for me?

If you’re a regular smoker, or you are on a smoke-free journey, and you want to try CBD, vaporisation is for you.

Many who suffer from chronic pain are also attracted to vaporisation when it comes to taking CBD. As the first-ever medical-grade vape device, the VapePod by Kanabo, is a popular choice for many, due to the rapid onset of CBD, ease of use and metered dosing the device has to offer. In other words, there is no waiting around to feel the effects, and you know exactly how much CBD you are putting into your body every time you inhale.

The verdict on vaporisation

To recap, there are many ways to take CBD. However, no two ways are the same and in some instances, the body’s natural processes – the first-pass metabolism – can destroy some of the active ingredients, lessening the effects and leading to disappointment.

Vaporisation gets around these issues by delivering CBD via inhalation, into the lungs and the pulmonary tract. This has been highlighted in various studies by international researchers looking towards a better future for CBD delivery.

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