10 Reasons Why Vaping is the Best Way to Take CBD

It’s everywhere  in the food we eat, the drinks with trendy labels, and even in the shampoo we use in the shower. CBD is rapidly growing as one of the most popular plant extracts of our time, thanks in large part to its purported therapeutic benefits. Here, we ask what makes vaping the best way to take CBD?

When it comes to absorbing every last microgram of goodness this hemp extract has to give, the delivery method matters most. Quality ingredients and formulation are, naturally, of the highest importance with anything we put into our human bodies. But, the way you take CBD can make all the difference when it comes to seeing noticeable effects and positive change. 

Here are 10 reasons why vaping is the best way to take CBD.

  1. Better bioavailability

    Vaporisation tops the charts when it comes to bioavailability and CBD. This is largely down to the speed at which active ingredients in a vape oil formula can enter the bloodstream from the point of inhalation. When vaping, CBD uptake starts in the mouth, continues in the throat, but most notably happens via the lungs and pulmonary tract. This network of tissue allows for the absorption of CBD by simply taking a few breaths. This bypasses the metabolic processes of the digestive tract which other products must go through.

  2. Rapid onset

    The delivery of cannabinoids via inhalation and the pulmonary tract doesn’t just enhance the bioavailability and absorption of CBD. The speed at which these active ingredients like CBD, other cannabinoids and terpenes can reach the bloodstream means the vaper can expect to feel the difference in a short space of time.

    This is good news for those who have tried CBD before, and given up on the process. Have you ever taken a few drops of CBD and waited for something to happen? Sometimes, taking cannabinoids can feel like waiting for a gift you know will make a positive difference to your day. But, you just don’t know when that delivery is going to show up at your door.

    By using the VapePod, you can rest assured that your body will receive an on-time delivery of a consistent dose of cannabinoids with every inhale, removing all doubt and guesswork.

  3. Accurate dosing (finally!)

    One question that most CBD companies constantly come up against is this – ‘how do I know how much CBD I’m taking?’ This has presented a problem for those who take CBD oil drops (tinctures) and edibles such as capsules, soft gels and gummies.

    With tinctures, there are two main problems with finding an accurate dose.

    There’s a reliance on successfully withdrawing the exact same volume of oil every time. Sure, some brands have measurement guides on their pipettes. But this doesn’t guarantee that every drop of oil reaches the mouth successfully.

    Leaks, spillages and mishaps can happen through human error and coordination issues, meaning some of the product might end up on the face, on the floor or can be swallowed too soon, leading to poor absorption.

    The solution? Vaporisation – for fast onset, better bioavailability and no more guesswork. Thanks to the VapePod, CBD consumers don’t have to question how much CBD they’re taking anymore. VapePod fans can count every single milligram they take, with the highly intelligent pen-like device delivering 1mg CBD formula, plus other active ingredients from the hemp plant, with each inhale.

  4. No nasties

    Kanabo is renowned across the world for its commitment to cannabinoid science. Kanabo puts an emphasis on only using the best ingredients in the world – that goes for device parts too, which are assembled in the UK.

    Unlike other CBD vape oils, Kanabo has veered away from using synthetic ingredients. You won’t find any trace of MCT oil, propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine or artificial flavours in these cartridges.

    When it comes to Relax, Reload, Repair – the three hemp extract formulations designed to work perfectly with the VapePod, nature comes first. Kanabo’s team of mixologists utilise as much of the hemp plant as possible in these vape oils.

    In addition to 360mg CBD per cartridge, you will also find minor cannabinoids like CBG and CBC, plus a range of terpenes and flavonoids. This approach to formulation encompasses the entourage effect, with each of these important ingredients working together for increased absorption.

    The result is a botanical tasting range of authentic oils purposely formulated with the best of nature.

  5. Convenience – vape anywhere, anytime

    The VapePod, in particular, is an incredibly discreet device. It’s thinner, and neater, than most whiteboard markers! It’s also incredibly lightweight, when you consider the next generation technology packed into this compact vaporiser.

    Other vape pens are known for leaking in pockets and purses, leaving a residue of vape juice where it’s almost impossible to clean up. With the VapePod, vapers benefit from a permanently secured mouthpiece, and the device bears a tamper-proof seal, so no more leaks!
  6. The VapePod: a solution for those with dexterity issues

    Not everyone has the luxury of being able to administer a precise number of oil drops from a glass bottle, landing each drop perfectly beneath the tongue. For some, hand-to-mouth coordination doesn’t come naturally. For others, particularly the elderly, dexterity is a symptom of frailty and disease.

    The VapePod provides a solution to the problem, with no buttons, no potential for spillages and very little maintenance required.

  7. The low maintenance choice

    Those who vape as a means to quit smoking will be familiar with the words ‘wick’, ‘coil’ and ‘tank.’ Many traditional vape devices require regular wicking to allow for proper absorption of the e-liquid into the atomiser. The coil in these conventional devices also needs to be swapped out every now and then for the mechanics to work as they should, otherwise the high temperature necessary for vaporisation can lead to the user experiencing an unpleasant taste of burning.

    On many reusable vape devices, an e-liquid tank can be refilled, allowing vapers to mix and match or even create their own flavours. This can backfire if the tank isn’t cleaned out or sealed properly. Poor maintenance can also lead to the crystallisation of the e-liquid rendering it unusable.

    The VapePod takes the fuss out of CBD vaporisation, with minimal maintenance requiring a quick clean with a damp cloth now and then. Aside from that, the only thing you need to do is to remember to charge your device from time-to-time! That’s it!

  8. CBD concentration

    Each Kanabo vape cart contains exactly 360mg of CBD, plus other cannabinoids. This guarantees a dose of 1mg CBD with every inhale. Each cart contains 0.5ml of liquid, with the overall cannabinoid concentration coming in at 78%. That’s higher than most CBD vape liquids. Add to this the quality of Kanabo’s ingredients and this is a recipe for maximum satisfaction.

  9. The most cost effective choice

    CBD oils range in quality and price. Generally, the higher the potency, the higher the price tag. But with the VapePod, your device doesn't have to change – it’s reusable, and you can choose to swap between the three Kanabo carts depending on your needs. This makes the VapePod a solid choice for all budgets.

    A starter kit, including the device and three carts, retails at £169.96 with free delivery.

    This introductory pack has the potential to provide approximately 900 doses of CBD, over an 18-week period. In money terms, that’s less than £10 per week on a CBD product that performs with noticeable effects.

  10. It’s sustainable - Reusable device, with interchangeable cartridges

    And finally, last but of equally great importance, the VapePod is a great choice on sustainability grounds. While the clinical and formulation development happens at Kanabo HQ in Israel, the CBD formulas are manufactured in Wales, meaning there is less of an impact on the environment.

    The VapePod is also reusable and compatible with each Kanabo cart, an acknowledgment of Kanabo’s commitment to sustainability. Unwanted devices, such as older models, can be recycled.

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