The Great Lifestyle Guide: Levelling up my wellness routine with Kanabo CBD

Hi! My name’s Lauren.

Welcome to my new blog - The Great Lifestyle Guide!

I'm Lauren!

As a big fan of Kanabo CBD, I've been using the Relax, Repair, and Reload formulas as part of my wellness routine for the past six months.

And in this first post, I'm going to take a look at how I’ve been using them, along with various other life hacks, to change my life for the better. 

I will share my story, from where I struggled a year ago to today and show how combining Kanabo CBD every day with beneficial and consistent habits can create positive life shifts.   

My story starts with the dreaded morning routine, which for me begins at 6.30am every morning. Urghh! 

Mornings have always been a struggle. Before Kanabo, I’d wake up at the start of each day sluggish and anxious for the day ahead.

With a busy schedule, I would make my coffee (black, no sugar) to give me a caffeine boost and begin work before I’d barely opened my eyes properly.  

It wasn’t much of a morning routine at all. 

Then last year, like many of you reading this now, I went down with COVID, which led to chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety and a poor immune system. 

After battling it for a while, I decided enough was enough.

I’m a very ambitious, hard-working and driven individual with a busy work and social schedule. I travel a lot, across multiple time zones and always have projects on the go. 

In short, I couldn’t afford to just go off the radar until I felt better.

"I bought my VapePod and one Reload pod...and immediately, I noticed the difference. I felt more calm before my first meeting, clearer in my thinking and just sharper for the day ahead. It was like the morning clouds and brain fog had lifted."

Something had to change, and that's when I picked up “Atomic Habits”, by James Cleat.

It was transformative. Cleat taught me to plan the night before with a mini to-do list, ready for when I’d wake the next morning.  

Start with small tasks and set reachable goals, to put your self-motivation onto a whole new level, and then continue to add more, do more and so on.

Here’s my list:

6:15am: Wake up and down a large glass of cold water

6:30am: 20 minute pilates and 10 minute meditation 

7:00am: Read (I love a self-help book recently, so I will leave my favourite’s at the end of this post.)

7:30am: Cold shower 

8am: Begin work (with an iced oat latte).

At this point, I’d normally have picked up my standard vape. 

But then a friend of mine introduced me to Kanabo CBD and the VapePod.

Having tried multiple CBD products before with no effect, I was sceptical at first, but she raved about it so much I had to check it out for myself. 

Because of my sluggish starts, I really liked the sound of their Reload formula. The idea of something to help me sharpen my focus and start the day with a clearer mind, instantly appealed. 

Kanabo Reload - Outdoors

So I bought my VapePod and one Reload pod, and started taking around five inhalations in the morning while I read my book and sipped my coffee. 

Immediately, I noticed the difference. I felt more calm before my first meeting, clearer in my thinking and just sharper for the day ahead. It was like the morning clouds and brain fog had lifted.

If you’re like me, Reload works well during this morning phase.

It could be with a coffee, while you’re out watering the plants, or simply making the most of the five minutes before you open the laptop and get into the hustle and bustle of a work day. 

And I now find it great to top up with a few inhalations throughout the day, when I’m feeling those lower energy moments we all experience.

And the great thing, the Kanabo pod lasts – I’ve been using my first Reload pod for nearly a month and I've still got plenty left!  

For me though, just having my new-found love of mornings is a valuable gift all of its own.

Whatever your morning looks like, these five simple tips can really make the difference:

  • Self-help books and the experience of others can be your best friend when trying to get out of a rut. 
  • Be consistent.  I’ve found that good habits take around 20-30 days to form.
  • You create motivation; motivation doesn’t just magically come to you.
  • Building healthy habits really can result in better days and a lifestyle full of wellbeing.
  • Set a date to mentally compare your before and after, to keep your motivation high.

Some self help books to get you started:

Atomic Habits - James Clear

Feel the fear and do it anyway - Susan Jeffers

The mountain is You - Brianna Wiest

101 Essays that make you think - Brianna Wiest

This is how you heal - Brianna Wiest

The subtle art of not giving a fuck - Mark Manson

Stop negative thinking - William Courage

The power of self discipline - Peter Hollins & Russell Newton

Just F*cking do it - Noor Hibbert 


Happy reading, happy reloading and happy mornings!


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